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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


State of The SFR Industry: Acquisitions, The Economy, Asset & Property Management

20 May 2024
General Session: Americana 4

Where are revenues and profits going? What kind of margins should you be getting used to?

•            With a more favorable interest rate outlook acquisition and performance are going to…

•            Where is tomorrow’s supply coming from?

•            Impact of a Republican vs. Democratic White House and Congress

•            If rates drop how many renters will become buyers?

•            How much is the level of remote work changing? What is the impact on the SFR/BTR markets?

•            Labor, construction and the cost side

•            Are institutions coming off of the sidelines? What kind of return are institutions chasing?

•            How are technology and AI influencing management and profitability in the market?

•            Owner, property management & vendor consolidation… What will it look like?   

•            Where are rents going? Collections?: Tenant selection, trends in lease agreements, rent technology and regulatory developments  Negative leverage… Is it sustainable? What kind of opportunities will there be as the relationship cycles back to normal?

Jeff Cline, Executive Director, Principal - SVN | SFRhub Marketplace
Fred Matera, CIO - CoreVest
Doug Dale, Co-Founder & EVP - HomeRiver Group
Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder - Roofstock
Doug Brien, Co-Founder, CEO - Mynd
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