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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Minimizing Expense/ Maximizing Insurance Coverage: Title, Landlord, Rent Protection & Compliance

20 May 2024
Track D: Cowrie

•            How are high rates impacting your location strategy?

•            How can you stabilize or lower costs?

•            What is available and how much does it cost?

•            How much should you play with deductibles? How high should your deductibles be?

•            Is there a cost savings for covering multiple properties?

•            How quickly can I get a quote?

•            What is driving higher rates in different locations? Which areas are becoming uninsurable?

•            Property management best practices that can save insurance Money

•           Forward purchase BFR and insurance

•           The latest Florida developments you need to know

•           Customer-facing insurance projects: How much Money can you make?

Jay Harkrider, CEO & Co-Founder - Foxen
Ryan Letzeiser, CEO - Obie
Maggie Norton Tomberlin, Director, Business Development Commercial Insurance Division - RealProtect
Ron Maurno, Chief Sales Officer - Steadily
Chris Branchetti, Vice President - BCHH
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