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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Maximizing Your Economic Occupancy… Revenue Management, Eviction Timing & Rent Raising Strategy

21 May 2024
Track D: Cowrie

•            What kind of formulas are out there to measure occupancy?

•            Verification applications… What is out there? What should I be looking for?

•            In this economy how long before you file for an eviction?

•            How do you communicate rent increases?

•            Fraud prevention before the tenant comes aboard

•            Where is the eviction rate going? Squatter/scammer prevention and resolution

•            How well do self-showing models work? How much do you save?

•            How long should you go out with a lease?

•            Retention strategies

•            Where are your renewal rents trending?  

Barry Owens, Founder and CEO - End to End Solutions, LLC
Maranda Hunnicutt, President - Foothills Property Management
Joe Riley, CEO - Patriot Family Homes
David Sullivan, Managing Director - Best Egg
Derek Jarr, Founder & CEO - Stay Frank
Alexander J. Rouse, Vice President - Sylvan Road
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