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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Local Market Performance… Which Markets Are Hot, Hot, Hot… Not, Not, Not?

22 May 2024
General Session: Americana 4

•            Looking at market supply/demand impact

•            As the CARES program sunsets are we starting to see more troubled housing? Where?

•            Impact of the amount of equity in homes

•            Role of student loan payments re-starting?

•            NPL, foreclosure, short sale and REO activity

•            Payment to income ratios

•            In which markets are defaults and foreclosures picking up? 

•            In what direction do you think distress will go? Where will be the most?  

Rebekah Anderson, Property Teams Manager - Real Wealth Network
Brett Berry, Director of Risk - Builders Capital
John Keeton, Owner - JKMD Homes LLC
Jessica Foster, Business Development Officer - Atrium Management Company
James Riter, Director of Investments & Development - Gather Real Estate
Bill Rugg, Managing Partner - Pintail Real Estate Group
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