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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


The Large, Property Manager Plenary… Where Have You Been Finding The Cost Savings?

21 May 2024
Track D: Cowrie

•            Have you changed your tenant eligibility criteria?

•            How are you attracting and retaining employees and GCs?

•            Do you incentivize renter behavior on actions like submitting timely maintenance requests and early lease renewals?

•            Data… Where have the surprises been?

•            When are you insourcing? Outsourcing?

•            AI & other technology out there… What are you looking at next?

•            Amenities: What have you added? Where is your biggest ROI?

•            What kind of rent increases are you implementing?

•            Are you increasing partnerships and collaborations?

•            Vacancy rates across the portfolio  

Adam Guenther, Senior Vice President - TaskEasy by WorkWave
Colleen Yeager, Chief Operating Officer - Quinn Residential
Jim Barker, General Manager - Streetlane Homes, a Roofstock Company
DeAnna Moore, President - Elminton Property Management
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