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IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Large BFR Senior Executive Strategy Panel: Where Do You See Green Shoots? Rough Patches?

21 May 2024
Track A: Americana 4

•            Where is the access to equity and debt?

•            What is your strategy for ’24? Will it be changing in ’25? •

•            Have you been seeing any distress in the BTR market?

•            Under what circumstances would you buy someone else’s deal?

•            What is the size of the communities you go for? Amenity mix?

•            With rent costs so high and damaging regulation pending is there a plan B?

•            Cottage product vs. larger BTR residences

•            A surprise interesting market is…  

Adam Whitmire, VP, Acquisitions - The Whitmire Group, LLC
Thomas Fichman, SVP-Investment - Tricon Residential
Adam Wolfson, CEO - Wolfson BTR
Jeff Gersh, Florida Division President - Christopher Todd Communities;
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