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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


What Kind of ROI Is Available In The Fractional, Lease Purchase & Shared Appreciation Markets?

22 May 2024
General Session: Americana 4

•            Who is responsible for maintenance?

•            Where does your funding come from?

•            What happens if the tenant needs to move before they obtain a mortgage? •

•            Alternative ways to structure deals

•            Insuring regulatory compliance

•            What kind of credit and other factors do you look for in an owner? •

•            How are you finding renters who are interested in buying?

•            What kind of risk-adjusted returns are inherent in these markets?   

K.C. Cleary, Chief Strategy Officer - Pathway Homes
Daniel Osman, Vice President of Sales - Balance Homes
Alex Kim, Co-Founder - Homebase
Frank Rohde, CEO - Ownify
Connor Space, Director, Head of Resident Operations - Divvy Homes
Ben Turner, Partner and Co-Founder - Roots
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