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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


What Kind Of Opportunities Are You Seeing In SFR PropTech? The PE/Venture Capital Plenary

20 May 2024
Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

•            Is all the financing going to AI-related companies?

•            What are the structures out there today?

•            What do you look for in a management team?

•            Valuations and second and subsequent rounds

•            How are some of the proptech companies rethinking business models?

•            What kind of challenges are Proptech entrepreneurs facing today?

•            The future of I-buying and fractional models

•            Do you expect $$ to flow more freely in ’25?  

Dani Beit-Or, Owner & CEO - Simply Do It
Daniel Kattan, Managing Director - Property Investment Advisors
Daniel Carr, Partner - Alpaca Real Estate
Megan Harris, CEO - Empora
Erik Norwood, CTO - Elevation
Andrew Borovsky, Co-Founder and CEO - Visible
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