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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Identifying The Key Strategies For Growth & Entering New Markets At Ferrari Speed

20 May 2024
Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

•            Growth market identification

•            When are too many homes in a market too many homes?

•            How much can you grow rent while keeping vacancy up? How much vacancy is acceptable?

•            Identifying regentrified markets before they regentrify

•            How are you handling property management? Finding tenants? •

•            Role of offshore help and virtual assistants

•            How are you finding inventory?

•            The capital side

Brian Flaherty, CEO - Global Strategic Business Process Solutions
Alex Becker, Director of Operations - Auben Realty
Cyrus Shahabi, VP of Strategy & Chief of Staff - Lafayette Real Estate
Sean Connolly, CEO - Scale Virtually
Jonathan McKenzie, VP of BTR/SFR Management - Willow Bridge Property Company
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