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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Where Are Housing Valuations? Where Are They Going? How Will They Impact The SFR Market?

21 May 2024
Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

•            How do you value scattered site vs. SFR vs. multifamily? How are they performing?

•            Low interest rate covid vs. high interest rate post-covid vs. today’s values

•            Has ex-urb valuation been changing as workers go back?

•            Technology vs. human approaches

•            Have you changed any best practices?

•            Exit strategy… Are you flipping/selling to retail or institutional? Single unit or portfolio?

•            Valuation and local taxes •

•            How long will prices stay high for?

•            How has the supply of SFR been trending? Caps rates? 

•            As interest rate change where is the affordability gap between renting and buying going? 

•            Can we count on HPA in ’24? 


Build-to-Rent Forum (West)

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Charles Tassell, COO - NREIA
Wagner Nolasco, President - Build 2 Rent Direct LLC
Pratik Sharma, Managing Director - Bridge Tower Partners
Mitchell Roschelle, Principal and Managing Director - Madison Ventures +
Nathan Brannen, CPO -
Michael Finch, Executive Vice President - SVN | SFRhub Marketplace
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