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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Is The Fix & Flip Market Flopping or Flying? The Fix & Flip Overview

20 May 2024
Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

•            As the i-buyers fade is there an improving outlook for flip market profits?

•            Is the Florida market flipping out?

•            What kind of volume do you see coming through the market?

•            Where is volume and profits?

•            Where are the hottest markets?

•            Are construction costs improving?

•            Where are you making $$: Flipping to institutions or retail?

•            Insurance for flips: How are you minimizing cost while keeping maximum coverage?

•            2025… What will the fix n flip market look like?

Jamie Bedner, COO - Wedgewood
Gashar Dixon, President - Angelstone Real Estate Venture Partners
Greg Hebner, Managing Director - Community Rebuild Partners
Nema Daghbandan, Partner - Geraci Law Firm
Eric Abramovich, Co-Founder - Roc Capital
Dolmar Cross, Chief Executive Officer// Co-Host A&E's Zombie House Flippers, Tampa - Real Capital
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