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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Financing & Long Term Debt: Where Are Rates, Structures & Terms?

20 May 2024
Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

•            How are you looking at companies coming up to you looking to refinance?

•            Who are the market’s newest players? 

•            BTR projects looking for long term financing… What’s out there? 

•            What kind of terms would a newer market participant expect?

•            What do you think of the South Florida market?

•            What are the Fannie & Freddie structures out there?

•            How much rent growth and HPA are you currently underwriting?


Micaela Lumpkin, Chief Credit Officer - CoreVest
Brad Chmura, COO - Encore Finance
Charles Goodwin, Director of Sales - Kiavi
Jack Helfrich, EVP, Retail Lending - CV3 Financial Services
Harry Varelas, Director - Roc Capital
Robert Talas, Co-Founder - Iron Fund
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