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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Demographic Trends & Profit Opportunities

20 May 2024
Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

•            The latest on work from home

•            How many bedrooms? Are SFR renters still looking for a home office or two?

•            Millennials, the largest demographic cohort are entering their peak child-rearing years…

•            Who are future buyers? Renters by choice?

•            How do the demographics compare to multifamily? Cottage styles vs. 4-bedroom?

•            At what interest rate do renters become buyers?

•            Amenity preferences by demographic

•            Addressing multi-generational, special needs, foreign-born and other niche demographics

•            Which consumer trends are impacting the rental markets?

•            How has the volatile economy changed the demographic profile of the SFR renter?  

Rick Dalton, President - Dalton Group
Tres Seippel, Director-Construction Management - Arbor
Domonic Purviance, Subject Matter Expert - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Wade McGuinn, CEO - McGuinn Hybrid Homes
Heather Williams, VP of Pre-Development & Strategic Solutions - Willow Bridge Property Company
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