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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


As Current Interest Rates Normalize What Kind Of SFR Performance Is Expected With/Without Rate Cuts?

21 May 2024
Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

•            How has BTR/SFR performed during these post-covid, high interest rate times?

•            How/When will cap rates adjust in this environment? Where will cap rates be in 27-28 when today’s deals will be refinanced?

•            What kind of changes do you expect for land and new construction?

•            What do you expect in different lending product rates and structures?

•            At what level will the consumer come back?

•            BTR performance measurement: Is it susceptible to market volatility due to small sample size? 

•            Comparing SFR/BTR performance vs. multifamily

•            CMBS performance of SFR/BTR backed loans

•            Rental growth and collections

•            Will there be HPA this year? 

Jay Byce, President - Resibuilt Homes
Oren Segev, Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Brite Group Holdings
Ting Qiao, CEO - Wanbridge
Alicia Miller, President of Capital Markets & Investor Relations - Whitestone & Co.
Zach Henderson, CFO - Elux Communities
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