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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


The C/D/Infill Property Market: Can You Make A Return Without Being A Slumlord?

21 May 2024
Track D: Cowrie

•            What kind of materials are you using? Surfaces & appliances?

•            Mid-lease inspections vs. technology solutions

•            Getting above market rent from the housing authority

•            When are ADUs an option?

•            Pros and cons of buying older properties

•            What kind of neighborhoods do you want to be in? What does the data say?

•            What do you look for in an urban-adjacent?

•            C/D properties in A/B neighborhoods… What is your gameplan?

•            Advantages of being in the LIC market

•            Controlling costs and turnover/renovation expenses

•            How to treat the C/D tenant?

Steven Gesis, COO - Smartland
Sep Bekam, Principal - Bekam Investment Group, LLC
Kyle McCaw, Broker/ Owner - McCaw Property Management
Rod Mullice, Managing Partner - Windsor Stevens
Sean Mulhall, Managing Partner - SMD Capital Group
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