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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Buy & Hold Acquisitions: As Economic Clouds Disperse Have You Stepped Up Your Property Search?

20 May 2024
Track A: Americana 4

•            How does your buy box look today? Cap rate range?

•            Are there deals out there where you can buy to a discount to replacement costs?

•            Direct to seller acquisition strategies

•            Where are you finding supply?

•            Is financing at a level where you are buying?

•            Is there any distress out there?

•            Best practices when handing off to the renovation team

•            What do you think of recent portfolios for sale?

•            Underwriting renovation scopes, rent growth + exit caps  

Adam Stern, CEO - Strata SFR
Grant Anderson, Property Teams Manager - Real Wealth Network
Eric Delgado, Founding Member & Director - MCM
Josh Nathan, Principal - Lafayette Real Estate
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