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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Build-For-Rent Market Overview 2024: What Does The Volatility In Construction Starts Mean?

20 May 2024
Track A: Americana 4

•            Community types: Evaluating past and future performance

•            Retaining tenants and where rent is going

•            Operating expense management

•            What are LPs and investors looking for?

•            State of the lending markets

•            The land side of things

•            If rates drop will the demand for BFR soften?

•            Amenities worth the spend … Pickleball +…?

•            BTR vs. scattered site rents and demand

•            What do you think will be the main challenges during the coming year? Changes to the market?

John Ryan, COO & Co-Founder -
Dave Platter, Co Chief Investment Officer - Capital Square
Jim Shiels, Co-Founder - Southern Impression Homes
Audrey Carlson, Director of Build-for-Rent - SVN | SFRhub Marketplace
Justin Driscoll, Managing Director - CoreVest
Lance Calhoun, Director, MF & BTR - HomeRiver Group
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