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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


Alternative Acquisition Strategies & Sources

22 May 2024
General Session: Americana 4

•            Where are distressed properties popping up where you wouldn’t have expected them?

•            Sourcing foreclosures

•            The subject to market & notes markets

•            What kind of technology are you using to assist?

•            Land acquisition and alternative sources

•            Corporate-level acquisition as an option

•            How much is there left in the i-buying channel

•            Looks like short term rentals are converting back to SFR… Are there any opportunities available there?

Scott Yesner, Founder - Bespoke Stay
Tarry Summers, Principal - The Columbus Home Company
Anil Sharma, Director of Investor Loan Division - Acra Lending
Kelly Stumphauzer, Principal - Prosper Investments LLC
Nick Thompson, Founder and CEO - Happy House Guy,
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