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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)


AI Chat Bots, Phone Calls, Emails, Texts… What SFR/BTR Owners Are Really Doing?

21 May 2024
Track A: Americana 4

•            With AI and large language models becoming more mainstream and useful, what is the timeline for the replacement of humans in some of these redundant tasks?

•            Are we going to have to re-examine how we run out businesses?

•            What kind of applications are out there that are solving real properties?

•            How much of the lease process has been automized?

•            Changing of the tenant screening function

•            Smaller landlord applications

•            Getting ready for AI… What is the best way to host a program, so it is ready for AI once you take the plunge?

•            What kind of application have you most recently added?

Barbara Kaplan, Director of Sales and Partnerships - Rocket Station Real Estate
Sahil Farooqi, Director of Business Operations - Rently
Grant Drzyzga, Founder/CEO - Revela
Miguel Gutierrez, COO - CAPREIT
David Berardi, Strategic Partnerships Manager - EliseAl
Tomer Dorfan, VP of Revenue - Endpoint
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