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Timed Agenda

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)

Timed Agenda

    • Miscellanous

    Registration opens for all attendees and setup for exhibiting sponsors.

    • Networking

    Meet new attendees and renew relationships with old friends. Please note cash bar.

    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4
    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4

    Where are revenues and profits going? What kind of margins should you be getting used to?

    •            With a more favorable interest rate outlook acquisition and performance are going to…

    •            Where is tomorrow’s supply coming from?

    •            Impact of a Republican vs. Democratic White House and Congress

    •            If rates drop how many renters will become buyers?

    •            How much is the level of remote work changing? What is the impact on the SFR/BTR markets?

    •            Labor, construction and the cost side

    •            Are institutions coming off of the sidelines? What kind of return are institutions chasing?

    •            How are technology and AI influencing management and profitability in the market?

    •            Owner, property management & vendor consolidation… What will it look like?   

    •            Where are rents going? Collections?: Tenant selection, trends in lease agreements, rent technology and regulatory developments  Negative leverage… Is it sustainable? What kind of opportunities will there be as the relationship cycles back to normal?

    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4

    •            Where are DSCR rates and structures going?

    •            Impact of the securitized and warehouse markets

    •            How many of your clients are distressed? How are you working with? What about recourse?

    •            What have you changed about your approach to fix & flip financing?

    •            Freddie and Fannie in the market

    •            What’s new with BTR financing?

    •            What kind of capital stack are you comfortable with?

    •            What kind of loans are you seeing from the banks, funds and other market participants?

    •            Are you seeing more requests for loans? 
    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            Which benefit packages should you be offering that have a high ROI? •

    •            What is your #1 issue? 

    •            Are you adding bedrooms, bathrooms or ADUs to increase NOI?

    •            Looking for vendor pricing volume discounts

    •            When protesting property taxes what factors contribute to the largest savings?

    •            What is your average turn? How have you been shaving time from it?

    •            Using products to extend time vs. buying new… Which way to go?

    •            What was the last thing you did to save cost?

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            How are high rates impacting your location strategy?

    •            How can you stabilize or lower costs?

    •            What is available and how much does it cost?

    •            How much should you play with deductibles? How high should your deductibles be?

    •            Is there a cost savings for covering multiple properties?

    •            How quickly can I get a quote?

    •            What is driving higher rates in different locations? Which areas are becoming uninsurable?

    •            Property management best practices that can save insurance Money

    •           Forward purchase BFR and insurance

    •           The latest Florida developments you need to know

    •           Customer-facing insurance projects: How much Money can you make?

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            Efficiencies vs. downside of using a construction management company vs. in-house?

    •            New local market nuances you are dealing with

    •            Underwriting renovation scopes… The keys to a successful handoff from the acquisition team

    •            The newest methods you are using to keep construction on time

    •            What kind of reserves are you keeping for rehab and repair? How do these reserves change as the house ages?

    •            Renovations and turns: Where is your head at?

    •            Renovation and the products that yield that highest ROI? What should be avoided?

    •            How do you overcome an acquisition decline and still get volume-related output from your teams in the field?  

    •            Recent advancements in maintenance technology 

    •            How to manage in-house vs. 3rd party contractors

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            How are you looking at companies coming up to you looking to refinance?

    •            Who are the market’s newest players? 

    •            BTR projects looking for long term financing… What’s out there? 

    •            What kind of terms would a newer market participant expect?

    •            What do you think of the South Florida market?

    •            What are the Fannie & Freddie structures out there?

    •            How much rent growth and HPA are you currently underwriting?


    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            Community types: Evaluating past and future performance

    •            Retaining tenants and where rent is going

    •            Operating expense management

    •            What are LPs and investors looking for?

    •            State of the lending markets

    •            The land side of things

    •            If rates drop will the demand for BFR soften?

    •            Amenities worth the spend … Pickleball +…?

    •            BTR vs. scattered site rents and demand

    •            What do you think will be the main challenges during the coming year? Changes to the market?

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            Growth market identification

    •            When are too many homes in a market too many homes?

    •            How much can you grow rent while keeping vacancy up? How much vacancy is acceptable?

    •            Identifying regentrified markets before they regentrify

    •            How are you handling property management? Finding tenants? •

    •            Role of offshore help and virtual assistants

    •            How are you finding inventory?

    •            The capital side

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            As the i-buyers fade is there an improving outlook for flip market profits?

    •            Is the Florida market flipping out?

    •            What kind of volume do you see coming through the market?

    •            Where is volume and profits?

    •            Where are the hottest markets?

    •            Are construction costs improving?

    •            Where are you making $$: Flipping to institutions or retail?

    •            Insurance for flips: How are you minimizing cost while keeping maximum coverage?

    •            2025… What will the fix n flip market look like?

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    This panel will consist of owners and property managers asking pointed questions to vendors, the types of questions you would want answered when evaluating a new product or system for your operation including how the product increase user efficiency, the cost and ROI of the product and the time and training needed to successfully navigate

    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            How does your buy box look today? Cap rate range?

    •            Are there deals out there where you can buy to a discount to replacement costs?

    •            Direct to seller acquisition strategies

    •            Where are you finding supply?

    •            Is financing at a level where you are buying?

    •            Is there any distress out there?

    •            Best practices when handing off to the renovation team

    •            What do you think of recent portfolios for sale?

    •            Underwriting renovation scopes, rent growth + exit caps  

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            The latest on work from home

    •            How many bedrooms? Are SFR renters still looking for a home office or two?

    •            Millennials, the largest demographic cohort are entering their peak child-rearing years…

    •            Who are future buyers? Renters by choice?

    •            How do the demographics compare to multifamily? Cottage styles vs. 4-bedroom?

    •            At what interest rate do renters become buyers?

    •            Amenity preferences by demographic

    •            Addressing multi-generational, special needs, foreign-born and other niche demographics

    •            Which consumer trends are impacting the rental markets?

    •            How has the volatile economy changed the demographic profile of the SFR renter?  

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    The big buyers have pulled back… Should you be thinking about expanding… How many markets should you be in? How should you handle the property management? Where should I get financing from?

    • Session
    Virtual Session

    Build for rent is one of the hottest asset classes in real estate.  Watch this virtual event and hear about some of the key reasons for its success, what you need to know about investing in, financing and operating this relatively new asset class and the variations on theme available



    • Miscellanous
    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    Courtesy of Roofstock
    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    What is the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned; how you deal with difficult bosses and co-workers, how you’ve overcome setbacks and how can you better your career and your experiences will be among the discussion points.

    • Miscellanous

    Sessions Conclude and Exhibition Closes


    Check out the Sea Spa onsite at the Loews Miami Beach for a spa treatment. If you let the spa know that you are with the IMN conference, you will receive 10% off a treatment!

    For onsite restaurant options, please see the hotel website (reservations are recommended):

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    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            Is all the financing going to AI-related companies?

    •            What are the structures out there today?

    •            What do you look for in a management team?

    •            Valuations and second and subsequent rounds

    •            How are some of the proptech companies rethinking business models?

    •            What kind of challenges are Proptech entrepreneurs facing today?

    •            The future of I-buying and fractional models

    •            Do you expect $$ to flow more freely in ’25?  

    • Miscellanous
    St. Moritz Lawn

    Courtesy of Steadily Landlord Insurance

    Feel free to join your fellow conference goers and take this time to connect with our breath, find stillness and honor our bodies.

    A complimentary yoga towel and water bottle will be provided to all attendees.

    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    Where are you finding your deals? Cheaper funding? How are you keeping costs down in this market? What kind of risks are you taking/ won’t take.  These, your questions and so much more will be debated during this discussion.

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    Are you peers still on the sidelines or actively building? How are you modeling the takeout? Where is market pricing at? Plus your concerns will be debated on during this peer-led builder only discussion.

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    This meeting, programmed for property managers only, will discuss the latest real life applications for AI, operating models, leasing and applications, collections/evictions as well as talent acquisition and retention.

    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            Sell whole vs. joint venture

    •            Should you sell before or after your lease up? •

    •            Changing gears from selling institutional to retail

    •            Sell the project keep the management and cannolis

    •            Exit strategies for land before completion

    •            Exit maturity and financing complexities as rates change

    •            Exit cap and how you can get there 

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            How has BTR/SFR performed during these post-covid, high interest rate times?

    •            How/When will cap rates adjust in this environment? Where will cap rates be in 27-28 when today’s deals will be refinanced?

    •            What kind of changes do you expect for land and new construction?

    •            What do you expect in different lending product rates and structures?

    •            At what level will the consumer come back?

    •            BTR performance measurement: Is it susceptible to market volatility due to small sample size? 

    •            Comparing SFR/BTR performance vs. multifamily

    •            CMBS performance of SFR/BTR backed loans

    •            Rental growth and collections

    •            Will there be HPA this year? 

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            What are the main business models that your firm pursues that align with ESG or DEI initiatives

    •            Where are you finding incentives?

    •            Evaluating the intersection of environmental, affordability and profits

    •            How about the lease to own model?

    •            What have you found to be the most effective strategy for affordable & low-income housing? How about the multigenerational and special needs sectors?

    •            Non-profit collaboration strategies

    •            Hi ROI amenities that make lower income owners stay

    •            Employing training, leadership diversity & employee support  

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            What kind of materials are you using? Surfaces & appliances?

    •            Mid-lease inspections vs. technology solutions

    •            Getting above market rent from the housing authority

    •            When are ADUs an option?

    •            Pros and cons of buying older properties

    •            What kind of neighborhoods do you want to be in? What does the data say?

    •            What do you look for in an urban-adjacent?

    •            C/D properties in A/B neighborhoods… What is your gameplan?

    •            Advantages of being in the LIC market

    •            Controlling costs and turnover/renovation expenses

    •            How to treat the C/D tenant?

    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            Do America home renters want 4 bedroom homes or tiny houses? What do demographics tell us? • How do you see BTR evolving?

    •            How much rent can tenants afford?

    •            Different interest rates and economies; different futures

    •            Congressional legislation limiting owners to 100 homes: What if it is passed?

    •            How will AI & tech continue to change the industry?

    •            Where are amenities going?

    •            Future-proofing your investments

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            Repair vs. replace and the impact on residents

    •            Resident communications best practices

    •            Which smart home experiences have the highest ROI and the most positive resident experience?

    •            Resident education and what works the best

    •            How are you using Chat GPT and AI?

    •            Inspection timing, maintenance reporting and do you incentivize?

    •            What kind of responsibilities do tenants have regarding maintenance?

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            For what kind of property does DSCR make the most sense? What kind of limitations does the DSCR product have?

    •            Geo-specific factors

    •            Market innovation and new participants

    •            Where are appraisals?

    •            DSCR loans and the fix & flip market

    •            Where will volume be at the end of ’24? Structure?

    •            Calculating bank statement income and ability to pay

    •            What do you look for in a borrower?

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            Blockchain and the closing process

    •            Valuation & how can you determine the best comp data?

    •            Forecasting who will be selling their houses

    •            Is blockchain and AI coming into your platform?

    •            Technology and the disposition side of things

    •            What is new on the brokerage and transaction tech?

    •            Increasing title & admin efficiencies

    •            Touring tech vs. sight visit: Which way do you go?

    •            Special considerations for the smaller owner

    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            With AI and large language models becoming more mainstream and useful, what is the timeline for the replacement of humans in some of these redundant tasks?

    •            Are we going to have to re-examine how we run out businesses?

    •            What kind of applications are out there that are solving real properties?

    •            How much of the lease process has been automized?

    •            Changing of the tenant screening function

    •            Smaller landlord applications

    •            Getting ready for AI… What is the best way to host a program, so it is ready for AI once you take the plunge?

    •            What kind of application have you most recently added?

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            Interest rates as they change

    •            What are you doing about escalating, non-controllable maintenance expenses?

    •            How are you modeling rent increases? How about tax and insurance? •

    •            Evaluating different product types

    •            Are you underwriting opex/capex?

    •            Are sellers not exiting because they don’t know what to buy?

    •            How do you underwrite scattered site single homes vs. portfolios vs. BTR?

    •            What kind of new tech is helping you out?

    •            Taking into account locations, product, community types and amenities

    •            Innovative ways to make the numbers pencil

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            Initial lease up strategies

    •            On-sight staffing: What kind of level? Do you outsource?

    •            What do you do on the turn?

    •            Maintenance best practices as the community ages

    •            How are you handling indoor amenity packages?

    •            Insurance best practices

    •            New communities... Where are most of the service calls coming from?

    •            Managing different size communities

    •            What kind of outdoor amenities are contributing to the bottom line? Which ones are not so much?  …

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            Where to find inventory today

    •            What kind of lending products are available for more complex flips?

    •            State of the disposition market and hold times

    •            Where are rates, terms & recourse? Where are they going?

    •            Is the DSCR loan your best bet now? 

    •            Comparing experienced vs. newer participant rates and structures

    •            How are lenders differentiating themselves?

    •            What is new out there?

    •            And I won’t do that… Where aren’t you lending?

    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            What is equity looking like today? How easy is it to find?

    •            What kind bridge debt is available? Perm debt? What are the structures?

    •            What are most frequent asks from the borrower that you can do? Can’t do?

    •            What a borrower needs to know about loan administration

    •            Agency financing availability

    •            Financing single vs. multi-plat

    •            What did the latest deal you did look like?  What did you pass on?

    •            The warehouse and warehouse to perm markets agency  
    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            Comparing SFR, BTR & Fix & flip

    •            Negative leverage… How are you modeling it out?

    •            Capital structure scenario analysis

    •            Age of house/portfolio and variability of short and long-term operating expenses

    •            Rent and ancillary income: How much can you improve? 

    •            How long is your hold?

    •            As the economy changes how have you been tweaking your model?  

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    Please note there is no session being held in this room during this time

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            How much are tenants willing to spend? On what?

    •            New technology, implementation setbacks and time to train

    •            How are you measuring the results of resident engagement beyond Google reviews?

    •            From RFP to rollout… What have you changed?

    •            Aligning resident value and fiduciary responsibilities

    •            How do you manage costs associated with resident services? Do you charge a flat rate? Per item? Part of rent?

    •            What is the next product offering out there?

    •            Rolling out/changing your resident benefit package
    • Networking
    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            Where is the access to equity and debt?

    •            What is your strategy for ’24? Will it be changing in ’25? •

    •            Have you been seeing any distress in the BTR market?

    •            Under what circumstances would you buy someone else’s deal?

    •            What is the size of the communities you go for? Amenity mix?

    •            With rent costs so high and damaging regulation pending is there a plan B?

    •            Cottage product vs. larger BTR residences

    •            A surprise interesting market is…  

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            How do you value scattered site vs. SFR vs. multifamily? How are they performing?

    •            Low interest rate covid vs. high interest rate post-covid vs. today’s values

    •            Has ex-urb valuation been changing as workers go back?

    •            Technology vs. human approaches

    •            Have you changed any best practices?

    •            Exit strategy… Are you flipping/selling to retail or institutional? Single unit or portfolio?

    •            Valuation and local taxes •

    •            How long will prices stay high for?

    •            How has the supply of SFR been trending? Caps rates? 

    •            As interest rate change where is the affordability gap between renting and buying going? 

    •            Can we count on HPA in ’24? 


    Build-to-Rent Forum (West)

    Use promo code BTRVIP for 15% off your ticket at

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            Are you looking to buy or build your own system? Using off-the-shelf or tailored solutions?

    •            What kind of technology are you current looking for? What is out there? 

    •            What do you think about before choosing a vendor partner?

    •            How do you evaluate a vendor’s performance?

    •            The onboarding: From planning to execution, managing pilot programs and training personnel

    •            How are you dealing with interoperability challenges?

    •            How do you control your data?  

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            What kind of formulas are out there to measure occupancy?

    •            Verification applications… What is out there? What should I be looking for?

    •            In this economy how long before you file for an eviction?

    •            How do you communicate rent increases?

    •            Fraud prevention before the tenant comes aboard

    •            Where is the eviction rate going? Squatter/scammer prevention and resolution

    •            How well do self-showing models work? How much do you save?

    •            How long should you go out with a lease?

    •            Retention strategies

    •            Where are your renewal rents trending?  

    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            How does your marketing plan change when in a master planned community?

    •            Motor court product evaluation

    •            Performance data of master planned vs. other BTR variations

    •            Do you mix or segregate homes?

    •            What does a master plan partnership look like?

    •            Financing within the MPC

    •            What kind of amenities are in master plans that tenants go for that you wouldn’t see in a BTR community  

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            Is it a good time for a development deal?

    •            Is there any way to control my out-of-control insurance rates?

    •            Which lenders are becoming more active? What do the terms look like?

    •            How are land prices looking?

    •            How are tax rates looking? 

    •            Where wouldn’t you want to be in the state? Are any markets starting to look at bit over-supplied?

    •            Economic, job & population growth expectations

    •            Have you seen any uptakes in local delinquencies?

    •            Where are you putting your $$ 

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    •            Navigating the market… Are you/your institutional partners in an acquisition or property management mode? 

    •            Target product, risks profile and deployment

    •            The latest of JV structures

    •            Comparisons vs. multifamily

    •            Staffing, outsourcing vs. in-house and tech infrastructure needed to work with institutions

    •            Raising capital… Is it getting easier or harder?

    •            Risk adjusted returns and target IRR 

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    •            Have you changed your tenant eligibility criteria?

    •            How are you attracting and retaining employees and GCs?

    •            Do you incentivize renter behavior on actions like submitting timely maintenance requests and early lease renewals?

    •            Data… Where have the surprises been?

    •            When are you insourcing? Outsourcing?

    •            AI & other technology out there… What are you looking at next?

    •            Amenities: What have you added? Where is your biggest ROI?

    •            What kind of rent increases are you implementing?

    •            Are you increasing partnerships and collaborations?

    •            Vacancy rates across the portfolio  

    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            Insurance and forward purchase agreements: What you need to know

    •            Who are the market players?

    •            Financing & transaction structure

    •            Obligation to complete vs. rights given to other 3rd parties

    •            Conditions of closing

    •            Recourse available to insure the seller’s obligation to complete post-closing work

    •            Is the seller permitted to use deposits?

    •            Who provides warranties of condition?

    •            Title insurance complexities

    •            How many, as a % of your transactions are forward purchase agreements  

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            What makes a development deal attractive today?

    •            What kind of yields and IRR are you looking for? 

    •            Raising a fund… Single vs. multi-asset funds, Is your capital from a dedicated SFR fund or general pool and what kind of a cap stack and terms is the investor be comfortable with?

    •            Target entry/exit cap rate and rent growth expectations

    •            SFR vs. other real estate assets; Scattered site vs. BTR

    •            How patient are your investors viewing the SFR market?

    •            Are you putting our equity or debt at what terms? What do you look for in a partner including reporting & infrastructure? 

    •            What is your decision-making process  

    •            Which markets are you looking to invest in?  

    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    Scaling, outsourcing vs. run internally, Navigating debt and finding capital sources at reasonable rates,  diversification and managing the business cycle will be among the critical issues the group will discuss in this intimate environment

    • Session
    Track D: Cowrie

    It has been a long day and with gratitude we welcome this time of tranquility to relax, think and reflect

    • Session
    Track A: Americana 4

    •            How can you effectively compete with deep-pocketed homebuilders for land?

    •            Making close-in to urban BTR pencil

    •            Is the land pricing reset still in progress?

    •            Have you been entertaining off-balance sheet approaches? Land banking?

    •            What kind of zoning issues are coming up?

    •            Where are delivery timelines?

    •            How is land pricing today?

    •            What kind of financing is available?  

    • Session
    Track B: Poinciana 1 & 2

    •            Which amenities correlate to longer stays?

    •            New automated technology vs. the human element… What is the balance?

    •            How do you weigh ancillary revenue vs. value when selecting new product?

    •            Credit card and payment options

    •            Survey says… Are you surveying your residents to determine what benefits are of interest?  

    • Miscellanous
    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    Courtesy of: SVN | SFRhub Marketplace
    • Session
    Track C: Poinciana 3 & 4

    What is your strategy for this macro environment? Where should you make your own hire? Is it time to get PE involved? These and your questions will be the focus of this discussion.

    • Networking
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4

    •            Who is responsible for maintenance?

    •            Where does your funding come from?

    •            What happens if the tenant needs to move before they obtain a mortgage? •

    •            Alternative ways to structure deals

    •            Insuring regulatory compliance

    •            What kind of credit and other factors do you look for in an owner? •

    •            How are you finding renters who are interested in buying?

    •            What kind of risk-adjusted returns are inherent in these markets?   

    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4

    •            What can an owner/operator be doing now to sell their properties when things pick up?

    •            Determining a price

    •            Exit strategy and hold time

    •            Sell whole portfolio vs. keep a stake or property management

    •            What institutions are looking for in reporting and ESG?

    •            Build-For-Rent vs. scattered site

    •            What kind of properties are institutions looking for? Where should they be? 

    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4

    •            Looking at market supply/demand impact

    •            As the CARES program sunsets are we starting to see more troubled housing? Where?

    •            Impact of the amount of equity in homes

    •            Role of student loan payments re-starting?

    •            NPL, foreclosure, short sale and REO activity

    •            Payment to income ratios

    •            In which markets are defaults and foreclosures picking up? 

    •            In what direction do you think distress will go? Where will be the most?  

    • Session
    General Session: Americana 4

    •            Where are distressed properties popping up where you wouldn’t have expected them?

    •            Sourcing foreclosures

    •            The subject to market & notes markets

    •            What kind of technology are you using to assist?

    •            Land acquisition and alternative sources

    •            Corporate-level acquisition as an option

    •            How much is there left in the i-buying channel

    •            Looks like short term rentals are converting back to SFR… Are there any opportunities available there?

    • Miscellanous
    General Session: Americana 4
    • Miscellanous
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123
    • Miscellanous
    Exhibit Hall: Americana 123

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