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Tom Harr

Tom Harr

Owner, Legacy Homes

I am a 29-year-old home inspector turned real estate investor born and raised in
Pickerington Ohio. By the time I was 27 I was financially free and a millionaire
through real estate investing, starting with $0 in my bank account! All because I
learned a blue collar skill and took action to invest in real estate.
I’ve been in real estate for 7 years, inspected 5k+ houses, renovated over 150
houses, wholesaled 200+ deals, have a 65-unit rental portfolio worth $15 million,
and 25 STRs managed in house. I was featured twice on Business Insider in
2022 and I have coached over 275 students nationwide on how to invest in real
My family is why I do this business, to retire my parents, and take care of my
future family/kids through real estate investing. My mom retired from her teaching
job of 30 years in 2022 to run our airbnb company, sell all of our flips, and design
all of our renovations, and is my biggest accomplishment to date!
I have 11 team members here locally in Columbus, 4 more overseas, and love
creating a workplace where people can grow in all areas of their lives.
It is my passion and goal to teach the “real side of real estate” which shows the
blue-collar, hard-working, and tangible steps and items you need to do to
succeed in real estate investing! It is NOT always pretty, but it is damn rewarding!
Connect with me on social media, @tommyharr05 for daily tips for everything
real estate!


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