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Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson

Founder and CEO, Happy House Guy,

Nick Thompson is the Founder and CEO of Happy House Guy, a leading real estate investment firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Before establishing HHG, Nick served as the Director of Acquisitions at Second Avenue and Vice President of Acquisitions at Rubik Homes. Throughout his career, he has successfully completed thousands of real estate transactions and brokered the sale of multiple single-family rental (SFR) portfolios to both small investment funds and larger hedge funds and REITs.


Happy House Guy leverages data analytics, technology, and AI to source off-market real estate opportunities for fix/flip and buy/hold investors, as well as SFR funds. In just 10 months, HHG has expanded from securing deals for local investors in Pittsburgh to sourcing off-market SFR, land, and multifamily opportunities in 13 states and counting.


Before his real estate career, Nick spent 8 years in the US Army Medical Corps. As a Master Resiliency Trainer, he traveled to Army bases around Europe, conducting training sessions for large groups of soldiers, civilians, and contractors to help them reach their full potential in both their personal and professional lives.


Nick enjoys playing golf, traveling, cooking, and coaching youth sports. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he is a passionate Steelers fan. He lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with his wife, Leslie, and three sons: Caden (17), Nico (14), and Parker (11).


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