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Nathan Brannen

Nathan Brannen

Nathan Brannen is Chief Product Officer of, the leader in computer vision and AI for real estate. With over a decade of proven experience in AI, Brannen has emerged as a key player in AI and computer vision for the real estate industry. Brannen's journey to began in 2011 when he graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge and new experiences, Nathan joined ABB, a Fortune Global 500 Swiss-based Power and Automation company, providing technology-driven cost savings efficiencies to its operations throughout Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. In 2013, he joined ABB's software group in Atlanta. There, Nathan managed a suite of AI-based energy models and platforms, working with advanced technologies such as Neural Network-based price forecasts, long-term planning models, and MILP-based energy optimization. His clients included Saudi Aramco, one of the world's most valuable firms. Brannen earned his MBA at the globally top-rated IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019. During his time in Barcelona, he fell in love with the city, discovering, an early AI real estate pioneer with an innovative spirit and cutting-edge tech, just before the company’s expansion into the US. Colleagues describe Brannen as a highly driven individual, often juggling to solve dozens of problems simultaneously. Brannen sees that the best path to AI success is a fusion of science and art. His passion for envisioning the future of technology while maintaining a balance between possibilities and practicality has led to his success at Brannen believes is uniquely positioned in its industry, collaborating with innovative firms worldwide to determine the best ways to leverage advanced technologies. He emphasizes that the closer clients work with, the more the company can help them. He maintains that, because of its long history and track record, is the only firm in its space today capable of having an immediate and positive impact on real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, valuation firms, and mortgage lenders. Brannen maintains a life-work balance by exploring new destinations through travel or unwinding with a captivating science fiction novel. On any given Sunday morning, he enjoys a quick game of soccer, then spends time with his wife and dog, Monster. But don't be surprised if he's multitasking, still contemplating what's next for the world of real estate technology.

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