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Justin Clements

Justin Clements

Co-Founder, COO, Pest Share

As a co-founder and COO, college football athlete, and family man, Justin has always valued, from an early age, the many parallels that contribute to success in athletics and academics with a win-learn mentality.

Throughout his professional career, Justin has demonstrated this early appreciation of his entrepreneurial dreams, co-founding and running several successful businesses in a variety of industries. As Co-Founder and COO, he has a keen eye for identifying opportunities and a natural talent for developing strong complementary teams executing a unified vision.

His most recent Pest Share venture with his Co-Founding partners has taken the property management industry by storm; offering an unbeatable winning experience for residents, investors, and PMs alike. Eliminating cost-centered dilemmas Pest Share opens profitable operational opportunities, all built on easily integrated technology. It’s truly the only way to provide pest control that pays you.

Despite his drive and passion for success, Justin is a sincere and authentic individual who is always striving to become more for those he serves. Whether on the football field (now the golf course), in the boardroom, or at home with his family of 7, he brings the same level of dedication and commitment to everything he does. His unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit have made him a true success story of humble beginnings and inspiring others looking to achieve their dreams.


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