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Cindy Wurth

Cindy Wurth

Senior Advisor, Go-to-Market, Revela

Cindy Wurth is an experienced technology executive and revenue leader, with a demonstrated track record in DTC / B2B Marketing, Sales, Revenue Strategy and Operations. She currently serves as Senior Advisor, Go-to-Market for Revela, where she is helping introduce new technologies to property management professionals looking for a better way to manage their business operations, while accessing capital in a traditionally illiquid market.

Prior to Revela, she was VP of GTM Strategy and Operations at Hover, where she helped build a highly functioning GTM organization while shaping the company's long term revenue strategy. Before Hover, Cindy held several leadership positions at Pinterest and Google, where she played integral roles launching new ads products that went from 0-XXXM+ in revenue, building and leading multiple high performing teams, and shaping company culture. She started her career at American Express in NYC before moving to the West Coast.

Cindy is the ultimate operator and executor, with a bias toward action. Her leadership is infectious, and she is known in the industry as a culture carrier with a proven track record of building highly successful teams. After close to ten years in the Bay Area, Cindy now resides in Birmingham, Michigan, with her husband and three children - ages 6, 4 and 3. She deeply understands the compromises and tradeoffs that women face as they navigate motherhood and career, and firmly believes the most important work she’ll ever do is the work within the four walls of her home.


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