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IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)

REI Ink Magazine

REI INK focuses on the business side of real estate investment. Whether you are an investor, lender, property manager, service provider—or involved in alternative real estate investment strategies such as notes, tax liens or REITs—REI INK will provide you with viewpoints and practical information from the industry’s top leaders and influencers. You’ll discover insights that will make a difference in the way you do business, find opportunities and evaluate deals. Why REI INK? There are magazines available that cater to the beginner investor teaching them about what kind of carpeting and counter tops to buy, providing information on, and access to, coaches and gurus, and functioning basically as a Real Estate 101 course. There are also magazines that serve certain niches, such as default servicing and the mortgage industry. Although these are extremely good magazines and provide valuable information and services, REI INK serves a different purpose: To be a BUSINESS publication for SERIOUS real estate investors and service providers. The REI INK team is comprised of experienced writers, editors, graphic artists, and layout and design experts. We also work closely with an Editorial Board and value their input and recommendations on the direction of the publication.
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